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Gladys 60th wedding aniversary</A></div> <div> <A HREF="ernies_90th_birthday.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Ernies 90th birthday">Ernie's 90th birthday</A></div> <div> <A HREF="christmas_2002.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Christmas 2002">Christmas 2002</A></div> <div> <A HREF="christmas_2002_page_2.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Christmas 2002 page 2">Christmas 2002 page 2</A></div> <div> <A HREF="jan_2003_visit_with_ernie.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Jan 2003 visit with Ernie">Jan 2003 visit with Ernie</A></div> <div> <A HREF="march_2004.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="March 2004">March 2004</A></div> <div> <A HREF="april_2006.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="April 2006">April 2006</A></div> <div> <A HREF="graduations.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Graduations">Graduations</A></div> <div> <A HREF="wedding_pictures_sarah_and_c.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Wedding pictures Sarah and Chad">Wedding pictures Sarah and Chad</A></div> <div> <A HREF="family_album.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Family Album">Family Album</A></div> <div> <A HREF="our_chickens.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Roosters chickens and chicks">Roosters chickens and chicks</A></div> <div> <A HREF="moon_visions.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Moon Visions">Moon Visions</A></div> <div> <A HREF="early_november_storm.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Early November Storm">Early &nbsp;November Storm</A></div> <div> <A HREF="winter_with_lots_of_snow.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Winter with lots of snow">Winter with lots of snow</A></div> <div> <A HREF="jan_2003.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Jan 2003">Jan 2003</A></div> <div> <A HREF="more_winter_pictures.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="More winter pictures">More winter pictures</A></div> <div> <A HREF="icicles.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Icicles">Icicles</A></div> <div> <A HREF="sunrise_sunsets_clouds__rain.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Sunrise, sunsets, clouds rainbows">Sunrise, sunsets, clouds &amp; rainbows</A></div> <div> <A HREF="is_it_really_april.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Is it really April?">Is it really April?</A></div> <div> <A HREF="birds_of_all_seasons.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Birds of all seasons">Birds of all seasons</A></div> <div> <A HREF="yellow_bellied_sapsuckers_ha.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers have arrived">Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers have arrived</A></div> <div> <A HREF="farewell_to_the_day.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Farewell to the day">Farewell to the day</A></div> <div> <A HREF="come_stroll_with_me__share_t.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Come stroll with me share the wonders o">Come stroll with me &amp; share the wonders of May</A></div> <div> <A HREF="come_stroll_with_me_2.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Come stroll with me 2">Come stroll with me 2</A></div> <div> <A HREF="come_stroll_with_me_3.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Come stroll with me 3">Come stroll with me 3</A></div> <div> <A HREF="our_little_caves.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Our little caves">Our little caves</A></div> <div> <A HREF="cave_2.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Cave 2">Cave 2</A></div> <div> <A HREF="july_shared_with_summer_gues.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="July shared with summer guests">July shared with summer guests</A></div> <div> <A HREF="summer_flowers_up_close_and_.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Summer flowers up close and personal">Summer flowers up close and personal</A></div> <div> <A HREF="up_close_and_personal_2.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Up close and personal 2">Up close and personal 2</A></div> <div> <A HREF="summer_at_its_peak____flora_.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Summer at its peak flora fossil rocks">Summer at it's peak--- flora &amp; 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Kiley&amp; Jewel</A></div> <div> <A HREF="lexis_litters.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="LEXIS LITTERS">LEXI'S LITTERS</A></div> <div> <A HREF="mucho__natcho_cgc_tdi_chip.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Mucho Natcho CGC TDI (Chip)">Mucho &nbsp;Natcho CGC TDI (Chip)</A></div> <div> <A HREF="working_poodles_obedience_th.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="working poodles, obedience, therapy etc.">working poodles, obedience, therapy etc.</A></div> <div> <A HREF="callimonts_great_protencial.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Callimonts Great Protencial">Callimonts Great Protencial</A></div> <div> <A HREF="casa_stregas_endless_love.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa Stregas Endless Love">Casa Strega's Endless Love</A></div> <div> <A HREF="conwell_deleware_bambino.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Conwell Deleware (Bambino)">Conwell Deleware (Bambino)</A></div> <div> <A HREF="casa_strega_mahogany_masquer.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa Strega Mahogany Masquerade">Casa Strega Mahogany Masquerade</A></div> <div> <A HREF="casa_stregas_shane.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa Stregas Shane">Casa Strega's Shane</A></div> <div> <A HREF="casa_strega_cabryn_silver_bu.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa Strega Cabryn Silver Bullet">Casa Strega Cabryn Silver Bullet</A></div> <div> <A HREF="siscos_casa_strega_piccolo_r.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Siscos Casa Strega Piccolo Rosso ">Sisco's Casa Strega Piccolo Rosso </A></div> <div> <A HREF="te_awas_sterling_karakter_sp.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="TeAwas Sterling Karakter (Spencer)">Te-Awa's Sterling Karakter (Spencer)</A></div> <div> <A HREF="d_majestic_casa_strega_legen.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="D Majestic Casa Strega Legend (Blue)">D Majestic Casa Strega Legend (Blue)</A></div> <div> <A HREF="casa_stregas_pretty_woman.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa Stregas Pretty Woman">Casa Strega's Pretty Woman</A></div> <div> <A HREF="careanuffs_casa_strega_pixie.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Careanuffs Casa Strega Pixie">Careanuff's Casa Strega Pixie</A></div> <div> <A HREF="casa_stregas_happy_hattie.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa Stregas Happy Hattie">Casa Strega's Happy Hattie</A></div> <div> <A HREF="casa_stregas_lucky_bonnie_su.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa Stregas Lucky Bonnie Sue">Casa Strega's Lucky Bonnie Sue</A></div> <div> <A HREF="casa_stregas_exotic_shady_la.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa Stregas Exotic Shady Lady">Casa Strega's Exotic Shady Lady</A></div> <div> <A HREF="casa_stregas_rosebud.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa Stregas Precious Rosebud">Casa Strega's Precious Rosebud</A></div> <div> <A HREF="_cabryn_gigi_de_casa_strega_.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE=" CaBryn Gigi de Casa Strega ">&nbsp;CaBryn Gigi de Casa Strega </A></div> <div> <A HREF="d_majestics_casa_strega_jasm.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="D Majestics Casa Strega Jasmine (Jazz)">D Majestic's Casa Strega Jasmine (Jazz)</A></div> <div> <A HREF="casa_stregas_sterling_silver.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa Stregas Sterling Silver Shimmer ">Casa Strega's Sterling Silver Shimmer </A></div> <div> <A HREF="casa_stregas_fancy_fashion.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa Stregas Fancy Fashion">Casa Strega's Fancy Fashion</A></div> <div> <A HREF="casa_strega_copper_kettle_fu.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa Strega Copper Kettle Fudge ">Casa Strega Copper Kettle Fudge &nbsp;</A></div> <div> <A HREF="casa_stregas_misty_moonlight.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa Stregas Misty Moonlight">Casa Strega's Misty Moonlight</A></div> <div> <A HREF="casa_stregas_giavanna_mariet.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa Stregas Giavanna Marietta">Casa Strega's Giavanna Marietta</A></div> <div> <A HREF="all_about_ilvers.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="All about silvers">All about &nbsp;silvers</A></div> <div> <A HREF="puppy_photo_album.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Puppy photo album">Puppy photo album</A></div> <div> <A HREF="snapshot_album.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="snapshot album">snapshot album</A></div> <div> <A HREF="casa_la_strega_german_shepherds.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa La Strega German Shepherds">Casa La Strega German Shepherds</A></div> <div> <A HREF="from_the_begining.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="From the begining">From the begining</A></div> <div> <A HREF="feeding_information.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Feeding Information">Feeding Information</A></div> <div> <A HREF="training_tips_for_puppies.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="TRAINING TIPS FOR PUPPIES">TRAINING TIPS FOR PUPPIES</A></div> <div> <A HREF="breed_standards_ukc_and_akc.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Poodle Breed standards UKC and AKC">Poodle Breed standards UKC and AKC</A></div> <div> <A HREF="links_of_interest.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="LINKS OF INTEREST">LINKS OF INTEREST</A></div> <bR> </td> <td valign="top" height=390 width="100%" BGCOLOR="#CCCCE4" TEXT="#080000"> <div> <I>Casa La Strega &nbsp;(House of the witch)</I></div> <div> <B>&nbsp;</B></div> <DIV ALIGN="LEFT"></DIV> <div> <B>Home sweet home. The view from the top.</B></div> <div> <B><IMG SRC="8e193580.jpg" border=0 width="403" height="600" ALIGN="BOTTOM" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0"></B></div> <div> <B>Casa La Strega / Echo Hills Farm</B></div> <bR> <div> <B>I am an artist, poet, photographer, wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother</B></div> <div> <B><IMG SRC="765a5fa0.jpg" border=0 width="165" height="250" ALIGN="BOTTOM" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0"></B><B> <IMG SRC="76ccffa0.jpg" border=0 width="207" height="250" ALIGN="BOTTOM" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0"> </B><FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="#000080" FACE="Arial" ><B><IMG SRC="8c9c1fa0.jpg" border=0 width="193" height="250" ALIGN="BOTTOM" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0"> &nbsp;<IMG SRC="905bafa0.jpg" border=0 width="186" height="250" ALIGN="BOTTOM" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0"> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;from early &nbsp;&nbsp;60s &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;mid 60s &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;April 2012 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Sept. 2014</B></FONT></div> <bR> <div> <B><IMG SRC="1da64500.png" border=0 width="100" height="80" ALIGN="LEFT" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0"></B></div> <div> <B>My name is MerleJoy Amitin Cenicola. Known to most friends</B></div> <div> <B>and family as Joy.</B><FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="#000000" FACE="Arial" ><B> </B></FONT><B>High school nickname &quot;Sunny&quot; </B></div> <div> <B>I make my home in central upstate New York,</B><FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="#000000" FACE="Arial" ><B> </B></FONT></div> <div> <B>where the beauty of the country is constantly an inspiration.</B><FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="#000000" FACE="Arial" ><B> </B></FONT></div> <div> <B>I have been married to the same wonderful man since December of 1953.</B><FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="#000000" FACE="Arial" ><B> </B></FONT></div> <div> <B>My life is filled to the brim, being shared with my husband, children,</B><FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="#000000" FACE="Arial" ><B> </B></FONT></div> <div> <B>&nbsp;grand children, &nbsp;brother and all my cats dogs &amp; chickens.</B></div> <div> <B>I consider myself to be a Hedgewitch &nbsp;</B></div> <div> <A HREF="" TARGET="_top" TITLE=""><B></B></A></div> <div> <B>&nbsp;</B><FONT SIZE="1" COLOR="#000099" FACE="Arial" ><B>You will learn about how we got the name Casa La Strega here at</B></FONT><B> &nbsp;</B><A HREF="casa_la_strega_and_us.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Casa La Strega and us"><B>Casa La Strega and us</B></A><B> </B><FONT SIZE="1" COLOR="#000099" FACE="Arial" ><B>and get back here</B></FONT><B> </B><FONT SIZE="1" COLOR="#000099" FACE="Arial" ><B>by clicking on home at the top or Casa La Strega on the side menu.</B></FONT></div> <div> <B>and later as as I learn all the trueths &nbsp;as well as folklore, &nbsp;I will add to the fascinating section about Strega. </B></div> <bR> <div> <B>&nbsp;</B><FONT SIZE="2" COLOR="#000099" FACE="Arial" ><B>You will find everything together here on this site. After the family, &nbsp;there will be the sections about</B></FONT></div> <div> <B>Casa La Strega poodles, then the Casa La Strega German Shepherds. They have been a very important part of our lives for many years. </B></div> <div> <B><IMG SRC="1dd96960.png" border=0 width="150" height="150" ALIGN="LEFT" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0">&nbsp; </B></div> <bR> <div> <B>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</B></div> <div> <B>I love to write, paint, garden, crochet, go rock hunting , </B></div> <div> <B>especially for fossils, take photographs, walk in the woods, </B></div> <div> <B>listen to music, spend time with my family and my animals.</B><FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="#000000" FACE="Arial" ><B> </B></FONT></div> <div> <B>and most of all, I love life !!</B><FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="#000000" FACE="Arial" ><B> </B></FONT></div> <div> <B>I hope you will enjoy sharing my family, poetry, artwork and photographs.</B></div> <bR> <div> <B>This website was first started as a way to stay in touch with my dad while he was ill. It has grown much since then and is now dedicated to the memory of my Mom and Dad and as a legacy for my grandchildren and all the following generations to see their ancestors and learn a bit about their history on both sides of the family.</B></div> <bR> <bR> <div> <B><U>all animations &amp; graphics were obtained from various sites on the web.</U></B> <B><U>to find these sites, use keywords free animations.</U></B></div> <div> <B>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<IMG SRC="69f596d0.gif" border=0 width="89" height="109" ALIGN="BOTTOM" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0"> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<IMG SRC="69ef49c0.gif" border=0 width="244" height="156" ALIGN="BOTTOM" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0"></B></div> <div> <B>All poetry, photo's, paintings and illustrations on this website are the original works of , written by, &amp; strictly the property of </B></div> <div> <B>Joy Cenicola and family. Please do not copy or use them without my permission. </B></div> <bR> <bR> <div> <B>My beloved husband Phil has had some strokes which left him with Vascular dementia which results from a series of small strokes or changes in the brain's blood supply. Sudden onset of symptoms may be a sign of this dementia. Vascular dementia severely impacts memory and cognitive functioning</B></div> <div> <B>After 5 years of caring for Phil at home the family and I realized we were unable to keep him safe at home. Phil has been residing in the &nbsp;Oxford Veterans Home since Feb. 2011.</B></div> <div> <B>Because of this I have retired and am no longer breeding any dogs.</B></div> <bR> <bR> <bR> <bR> <DIV ALIGN="LEFT"></DIV> <div> <A HREF="the_ancestors.htm" TARGET="_top" TITLE="The ancestors Epstein and Goldberg "><B>The ancestors Epstein and Goldberg </B></A></div> <bR> <bR> <bR> </td> </tr></table></body>