The ancestors Epstein and Goldberg
Morris and Miriam (Minnie) Epstein  

          Ida, Joe, Minnie and Gladys Epstein

Ida Goldberg Epstein and Joe  Epstein                         Max  Joe  and Ben Epstein

                                      Rae Epstein

                                                Rae and Jule


Harry Epstein

   Maida Jane Sperling (daughter of Esther Epstein Bauman)

              Mark Epstein (son of Harry)           and Maida

Sarah and Harris Goldberg   ( More info on Harris and Sarah on next page)

I believe the information on the next page will possibly clarify the reason Harris never spoke up about their last name which was Hantman, not Handman or Goldberg., following is an email received from my brother Mark.

                                                                           Sarah Goldberg

Sarah Goldberg

       Grand daughters of Harris and Sara ( Harriet & Joan Scott)

  Joel Epstein,Toots Goldberg Scott, Norman Epstein, Gladys Epstein Amitin
    Merle Joy Amitin, Joan Scott  (almost  hidden behind Merle) and Harriet Scott

back row: Jesica Cenicola, Joy Cenicola, Gladys Amitin, Ida Epstein, cousin Rose, Shirley Epstein
Stanley Bergman, Rose Bergman, Phil Cenicola
front row: Rita Bergman, David Bergman,  Ernie Amitin, behind Ernie, Mark Amitin, Jane Epstein, Norman Epstein, Edward Epstein

This page is under construction while I gather and scan the pictures and information I can find of the  Amitin, Epstein and Goldberg ancestors of my family and my husbands, the Cenicola's.
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Partial autobiography of Harris Goldberg (nee Hillel Hantman) Memorial page for my mom and dad